Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Australia (1) Hi, Aussie!

Its time for another travel story :D
But for this series, i decided to write it campur-campur with Bahasa too, hehe

Lagi-lagi karena dapat promo tiket murah, akhirnya keluarga saya berangkat juga ke aussie. yuhuuuuu! Tujuan jalan-jalan kali ini hanya ke dua kota besar di aussie, which is sydney and melbourne. It's almost summer in there, so the weather was so nice, warm enough but not too hot to do some sightseeing.
Our travel was only 5 days for two cities, and it's really not enough to discover all of the tourist spots that they have.

Well, mungkin cukup kali ya segini aja prolognya, hihi,,

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