Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Amazing Race Asia, Bangkok (2), Grand Palace

at the same day as we arrived Bangkok, we choose a half day tour to see the Grand Palace building. the tour cost about 400 Baht for transport and tour guide, and we still have to pay 400 Baht for the entrance ticket. this building was a palace for the King and his family a long time ago but now the government used it as one of main tourist attraction and the current King is not live in this place.

Grand Palace is a very large building complex and located near the main river in Bangkok, Chao Phraya.
as the characteristic of the traditional building in Thailand, the buildings have a typical roof and dominated by golden color.

in this complex also, they have a long wall that had a hand painted on it that tell us a story about Rama. it's very nice, and i wonder how many people that painted it since the painting is so nice and has a detailed picture.

Thailand people has a pair of statue which represents the guardian of the building.
it's kinda scary and big, but still, it's beautiful and manly statue :D

well, i cannot give you a detail explanation, since i'm not the travel guide. :D
but in this website below, you can read what information you want to know about this area:

i provide you some pictures, although i'm not a professional photographer :D

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