Friday, December 30, 2011

cooking, in some thought.

I saw one of my best friend status in facebook a couple days ago. He wrote:
"For some people cooking is an art. They can feel the soul of each potatoes, carrots, pan, stove and whatever in your kitchen. Everything come in and dance on the oil and form a magnificent food. Its about beauty and perfection. Alala

Some people say cooking is the way to enjoy urself. Run away from your daily rutinity, take off every duty. Its only you and your food.

For me, cooking is mixing everything. All stuffs you buy is all what you get on your plate. No matter what they say about your food. Its only your stomach and your food.

gutten appetit."
as for me, cooking is my other way to find happiness. To experience new things. To explore new taste. To give care for other people. and it's fact, that people need food, and food comes by cook.
happy cooking :)


cassia vera said...

heyhoo.. blog baru nih, ti? :p aku pasang di blogrollku yaaa..

aitiiiy said...

hihi, blog lama kok mba. sbnernya ada 2, yang satu yg lebih banyak ditulisnya khusus buat bhs indonesia, tapi lupa passwordnya jd ga pernah nulis lg, hahahaaa

aitiiiy said...
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