Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank you, Guys! :)

So yesterday was my birthday :)

And didn't like any of my previous birthday, yesterday i was so calm and not as enthusiastic as a birthday girl should be. Maybe they are right that the older you get, more moderate you are, haha :D

I didn't crave for a congratulations from many people, but i was so moved by these pictures as well as the captions that my besties sent me:

I even got my birthday dinner with my closest friends here in Bandung. It was simple, absurd and fun as usual :D

Indeed, friends are really important. And i am really grateful to have you guys here to accompany me in life :)

Thank you for being my friends, i love you all :* :* :*

Special for Icha, Likus, Anis, Ndie, Mia, Ray, Aul and Kang Bils :D

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