Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ice cream cone McD

who don't want a yummy, sweet, cheap and full of milk ice cream like this?

since i was a child, my mother often buy me this ice cream and i like the taste a lot! (Basically, i love ice cream, whatever kind of it xD )

but there's one interesting story that happened last night when i buy a big size ice cream cone.
the new waiter (i know she is new because of her uniform and her name tag that labeled 'trainee') serve me and started to make a cone of ice cream for me. but then, she realize that she got the wrong size, she make a normal size while i order a big one.
and in front of my eye, she threw that ice cream (yep, the new and ready to eat one but the size is wrong) into the garbage! oh my god!!

i mean, why she has to throw away that ice cream? it's ok for me to have that ice cream altough it is smaller rather than i have to watch it became redundant. oh my god.. i still just can't believe!

maybe it is because of the standard operation procedure that run in the restaurant, hmm,,but if i remember that there are a lot of child that want that ice cream but they can't have it because they don't have any money, i feel so sad.

i hope i don't watch the same thing twice, haha,,

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