Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the diet

the very last one book that i got from my mas and i've just finished this book this morning.

if you love food, you will definitely love this book. why? because in every page in this book it mention a name of food. from the original toast to Sole Florentine I (and i don't even know what kind of food is that, haha), but the writer successfully makes me drooling ^.^

the story tells about Cate, a genius woman in making delicious food and have a success culinary school named Cate's Cookery have turn her life rapidly in the last one year because of food. Cate who has a bad memory of her mom's death because of too much eat obsessed to be slim because she and her sister Sam don't want to be like their mom.

the problem is started when she found out that she got pregnant and at the same day a publishing expressed their interest to make a book from her recipe. when she got home, another surprised she get from her husband Charles that the bank says he is bankrupt. Starting at that day, Charles drown himself to his job and Cate drown herself to food. During her pregnancy, she put on weight until 27 kilograms and her obesity force her to premature birth. from the twin, the girl only survivor but the doctor couldn't save the boy.

Charles take the daughter and go away from Cate's life. to get them back, she tries a lot of diet until one night when her weight reach 93 kilograms and she lost everything, include Sam and her book publishing, she feels desperate and want to end her life with eat just like her mom. but Josh, her old friend, came to rescue her by bring her an article about non-carb diet.

Cate try this diet and successfully return her weight but Charles doesn't want to go back to her. (well, in this point i feel that Charles is a coward, because he only love to Cate's body shape and running away from her when she needs -.-" ) but there always Josh who love her in every weight which has been passed. And they live happily together with Cate's daughter whose is condoned by Charles.

after I read this book, i want to cook the delicious food that described in here but unfortunately, the writer didn't gave the recipe here..
I hope i will find a man like Josh who can love his girl not only from her body, just like when Josh love Cate even if Cate is super fat.

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