Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Bangkok (3), Pattaya


it just takes 2-3 hours travel from Bangkok city to here, but you can have a beautiful and refreshing beach view with white sand and turquoise sea water. :D

i'll show you a picture as a prove, just in case you don't believe me, hehe

beautiful, isn't it? :)

when you reach pattaya, they will take you to an island by the motorboat for around 30 minutes. in the morning when you go to the island, the travel is smooth. but i must warning you, when you going back to pattaya beach in the afternoon, the wave is so strong and i think most of passenger in the boat had a seasick, include the tour guide, hehe.

in here,you can have variety of water sports, like banana boat, jet ski, para gliding (?) (i forget the name, hehe) or you can just lay down in the beach and enjoy the sea view.

it's really heart beating, have those experience in water sport. although it's a little bit expensive, but it's worth!

for a beach chair, they fare each chair around 100-150 baht per chair, depends on the type and the size of the chair.

i recommend you to try banana boat in the pattaya island, it's really exciting and cheaper plus the duration of the attraction is longer than para gliding, just around 300 baht per person.

so many tubes,
and i can't help it but keep taking photos of it, hehehe

for a shop-a-holic, in here you can find a beach-style top for woman or man that you cannot find it in Bangkok. well, i feel a little bit regret too not to buy those top in here :(

ah, i forget to tell you. the tour to Pattaya from Bangkok will cost around 1500 baht per person, it includes transport by car from Bangkok to Pattaya, transport to Island by boat, and lunch.

happy swimming! :)

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