Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hi, long time!

udah lama ga bikin postingan, due to the sudden activity that needs all of my attention in this week, especially :D

well, almost 2 weeks that I didn't go to the campus. all of my lab-mate are going to different places, and me too have nothing to do (have nothing-attractive-to-do, just to make sure) in lab. mia is going to japan. aulia is going to semarang. om rei is going to lampung. mba wina and wadya just came occasionally to campus. so what should i do then, i don't want to be alone in the lab :D *excuse*

i hope that they all are come back soon, so we can have fun together again, going to the karaoke places and eat some good stuffs, laughing a lot and shared the stories :)

miss you all!

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