Wednesday, June 30, 2010

zodiac says:

it's only just for fun :)
maybe not all the people believe to what zodiacs says, but for truth, it's fun to know how the stars tell you something about your habit, and you're really surprise because what zodiac says is right!
yes, I am an aries girl. and even in my first name my mother put the aries word in it. :D

and know, I want to know what zodiac says about me and my mate.
lets see,

#Libra - #Aries: The Aries will never openly admit that they respect and admire the Libra for their ability to control their emotions. A request from an Aries can often come across as very demanding. The goal of an argument for an Aries is to win or prove that they are right. Seeing how the Libras logic tends to make them right most of the time the Aries confidence is often crushes by the Libra. A Libra can easily destroy the ego of an Aries. Between the two, the Libra is typically the cool, calm and collected person. When the Aries aggressive nature becomes intolerable, it can bring out a stormy side of the Libra that many never witness. The object of most quarrels to Aries is usually to win and prove they’re right (even when they’re wrong) to satisfy their considerable ego. A Libra will do what is ever necessary to regain balance in their life. Conversely, the Libra will respond to the Aries friend, relative or mate by finding his indecision gradually turning into a firmer purpose, inspired by the Aries ambition into higher achievement.

#Aries- #Libra: An association between Aries and Libra can be beneficial for the both of them. The Aries can learn how to bring balance and structure to their life, while the Libra can gain some excitement in their life. A Libra can provide the Aries with encouragement and the friendly words they need for their emotional well being as long as the Aries agrees to play fair.

you can find your zodiac says yourself in the link above.
have a nice try! :)

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