Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (10), Shopping? Of course!

Who doesn't like shopping?
When you travel to somewhere, buy it's specialities is a must. :D

Indonesian tourist are known for their hobby of shopping. Whether to buy for them self or to buy a souvenir to be given to their relatives when their back home.
Well, it is not a bad habit, though, but because of this, a lot of Indonesian have a problem of maximum baggage in the return flight.

Japan is popular as one of the most expensive country. Yes, it is true I think, but it doesn't means that you can not do shop with your limited budget. It is just depend on where you go to buy that, and what kind of items that you want to give to your friends in home.

In Kyoto, if you want to shop, I suggest you to visit Teramachi Shopping Arcade or Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade. It is near Kawaramachi station or you can reach there by taking a city bus. From 100 and 300 yen shop to the department store that has a branded items, you can find it here! :D

Well, as a (half) backpacker (and also a student, which has a limited money, hehe), I really like to have a walk in the street shop here and try to find a cute and unique things from Japan with a lower price than the big store. \(^o^)/
You can also find the souvenir shop from Japan which sell a traditional things from Japan, from a kimono to a many kind of ninja weapon, like in Naruto anime. But if you want to give a gift for your friend, I recommend you to take a look at 100 or 300 yen shop. In this shop, all the item has the same price, which is very cheap than in most of the other store, but the goods itself is very nice. From a scarf to accessories for a women, from a hat to gloves for a men, even many kind of snack and home appliances, they have it all!

The pictures show you the situation of the arcade in the afternoon and in the evening. No matter when, it is always crowded :D

So, hope you'll enjoy your shopping!

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