Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (13), Sushi, one plate is never enough!


Sushi is the most famous Japanese cuisine in the world now. Even in Indonesia, sushi restaurants are easy to find everywhere. Well, since I'm in Japan, why don't i try the original japanese sushi right from the Japanese chef? :D

My teacher bring me and my friends to sushi restaurant near Teramachi area. He said this is the most delicious sushi restaurant that he found in Kyoto.
Yes, it is very delicious! nyamnyamnyaaammm~~~~~

In the restaurant there are a rowing sushi plates like in the picture. The price of the sushi depend on the plate, same plate pattern, same price :D

Most of the sushi types are made from the fresh and raw seafood, and it is rare to have sushi with fried or custom filling like we have in Indonesia. But still, it is sooo yummy!

Like I told you before, one plate is never enough..

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