Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (7), Snacks Time! :D

It's time for snacks!
As a food lovers, I like to try many kind of food, including the snacks, hehe
And here is my favorite snack among other snacks in Japan:

1. Takoyaki

My most favorite Japanese Snack!
It is round, savory, and hot! It is fit perfectly for a winter and autumn season, but it is also possible to eat it at spring and summer :D
Takoyaki made from flour dough, mix with spring onion and carrot (i think, i'm not sure..) plus an octopus as a filling.
9.5 from 10!!

In Indonesia, takoyaki is starting to famous as one of Japanese snack, but still, i think the takoyaki that i had in its original place is the best one, hehe

You can have it for 500 Yen per portion, around 8-10 takoyaki each portion. If you are visiting Japan, make sure you try this takoyaki, :D

2. Caramel Puding

Japanese people really like sweets.
There are a lot of cake shop that sell many kind of sweets. But instead of cake, i prefer this Caramel Puding :)

This caramel puding has a really soft texture, the puding it self is not really sweet but if you mix it with caramel above it, the taste is so so so yummy! You can have it for 500 Yen also each puding. And for this one, i give another 9.5 from 10!

3. Taiyaki

Taiyaki means fish cake. Well, it is not a snack made from fish meat, but it is made from the flour dough that have a fish shape, just like in the picture. Taiyaki filled with red bean paste, so it will taste sweet too,, Compared to takoyaki, taiyaki is cheaper. You can have it for 100 Yen each.

In minimarket, you also can find taiyaki ice cream, with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste as a filling. One of my favorite ice cream!

Aaaaah, writing this post makes me drolling >.<

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