Saturday, January 21, 2012

it's saturday \(^o^)/

happiness for today is:

too many things that makes me happy today, Alhamdulillah \(^o^)/

from the morning, doing hausaufgaben for my Germany class, i learned many new vocabulary in Germany,, (special thanks to, i love you more and more! *kiss*)
and then, get a cheaper price for ojek in my way to Goethe Institute, so kind man he is, indeed :D
although I'm having a long class in Saturday, but since the class had so much fun, i really enjoy it much, hehe,, thank you Frou Haf for being a nice Lehrerin for us, hehe..
after i finished my class, i went to Jonas. my purpose to go there was to check the price of the digital camera that i like much, but in there, do you know what i got?
they gave me a special price for the camera! it is not the camera that i'm looking for to at the first time, it is nicer camera! hohoho :D and in Jonas, i was talking to a foreigner and help him and the staff or jonas to explain a route to BEC in English. I hope my English can help you a bit, sir, and i hope that you arrived safely in BEC. have a nice holiday in my beloved country! :D

in my way home, suddenly i'm craving for a glass of warm-sweet-pure-milk. and then i stopped in the food stall and i saw a really delicious looking of sweet-milk-cheese-bread. it looks sooooo delicious but i didn't buy it. after i arrived home, my friend came to give me a book that i asked him to bought it for me earlier. finally, after a long search from one bookstore to another, i have that book in my hand. one of my favorite author, Tere Liye, with title is Rembulan tenggelam di wajahmu. aah, i can't wait to read that after i finishes this blog :)

and what make me more happy is, my friend willing to accompany me to eat that sweet-milk-cheese-bread and drink a warm-sweet-pure-milk. Super nyamnyaaammmm!!!! \(^o^)/

Alhamdulillah, my dear sweet love Allah SWT.
Thank you for your kindness for me today so i can feel this happy :)

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