Friday, September 21, 2012

Palembang (3) Snack time at Ampera :9

because we are craving for food in the night we went to Ampera bridge, then we decide to explore the culinary that Ampera area has :D

the first one is celimpungan. sounds weird, huh? but it taste good, with curry soup and (again) fish dough. in here, celimpungan only cost 2k rupiah, it shocked me too when i was going to pay it, because it is so cheap, haha..


fried fish dough
another famous snack in palembang is kemplang. kemplang is like a crackers, really crisp and have various shapes, from little one to the big one like my friend eat in the picture. you can eat this with chili sauce and it only cost 3k for 2 kemplang :D

me and my friend found this deep fried snack that we not usually seen in my city in bandung. in bandung, they only have banana fried, tofu fried and etc, while in palembang you can have crab fried! hahaha.. as you can see in the picture, they really fried it with all of their body, also with the crab claws! beside that, you can have prawn and squid fried. the price is around 5-13k per package, not too expensive to taste it, hehe..

crabs fried
many kind of frieds   

so after we eat so many things, we get full even when we don't have the dinner yet..hehehe

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