Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Namanya juga newbie! :p

Everyone must have their 'first' at everything.
As for me now, although this isn't my first for sewing a clothes, this is my first time to make it in a big number of production. Moreover, this is my first time to make clothes not only for myself, but also for selling it.

It comes from a random thought. When suddenly i got the idea to run a small bussiness by make this clothes when i was shopping in the street market this sunday morning, there's someone who give me and my husband a late gift for our wedding. It is a money, and i thought if i just spend that money just for eat or another shopping, the money will just gone and not return to us. I went to the market to buy a lot of fabric in the afternoon. And now, while i'm doing it myself, i know a lot of new thing, and this is exciting!! :)

I know i'm still a newbie in this bussiness, and also i am new in sewing-things. But i'm satisfied with the results.

The most important thing is not the money that you'll make by selling this clothes. But the experience that you had, the excitement of making things, the proud that you feel, the thought that YOU CAN, that is more important. Money is the bonus. A nice bonus, though :D

Well at last i wanna say, just don't hesitate to explore and build your ideas. You can if you want, not you want if you can :) :)

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