Friday, September 7, 2012


I know that You are always here, with me.
In my every breath, in every drop of blood that flow through my arteries.
I know that You love me when You put me down like this.
So I can be cry, and plead, only for You.
So that I can feel You more. More and more.

How i miss You, Your Prophet, Your home.
I want to be enfolded by Your gaze, i'm just a small thing here.
I put everything in You. Everything.
I am yours, and You can take me anytime. So that i hope i can see You in Your heavenly land. 
To be so unconscious to feel the world.
All the praises is for You.

For all the tears that i shed, all the smile that i shared, the sadness that come into my heart, the joy that make me laugh, Thank You.
Please keep me and stay here with me, forever, until i can see you and embrace you with my own hand, amin. 

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