Sunday, September 30, 2012

Palembang (6) Durian all the way!

Durian all the way!

Most of Indonesian peoples like to eat durians. This fruit has a very strong fragrance, and also very strong taste. And because of that, based on my experience, when i tried to make my foreign friend ate those durians, they didn't like it. Japanese, Koreans, and Germans didn't like it so much! :D


Since we came to Sumatra's, where durians is more famous in here, we must be regret if we don't try it. We found this durians market by accident, actually, when we were a little lost in our way to came back to our hotel, hehehe.. Durians here is cheaper than in Java, you can have 4 of them for 55k rupiahs.. and do you know what?if we eat durians too much, we can have a headache and maybe we can drunk, :p and for always, Durians is really prohibited for pregnant womans, so be careful, mem!

I dedicated this blog to my travel-mate who spend all night going all around Palembang with me, capture and taste so many things with lot of laugh. Thanks guys!



yudith and lita

welly, deni and bagus

oh my god! i think bagus is already drunk by durians! hihihi

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