Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Palembang (5) Another South Sumatra Culinary

Pindang patin is superb! They say that patin fish, or catfish, that they use in this dish is taken from Musi river, so the fish is very fresh. If you look at the soup, it has red color but it's not spicy at all. If you ever taste thailand dish 'tom yam', it similar to that. A little bit sour, little spicy, but very delicious. I try this in Musi Rawas restaurant, located in Angkatan 45 street in Palembang. Beside catfish, you can find a prawn pindang in here. You can have fish pindang for around 30k rupiah and prawn pindang for 65k (i forget the exact price).

Another signature dish from Sumatran's is called Tampoyak. Tampoyak is made from fermented Durian, so it has a real strong smell, and like any other fermented food, it has very sour and also spicy taste. Actually I don't really like this since this is my first time eating Tampoyak, but if you want to try, go ahead :D

Besides all of the dish that i told you before in this blog and my previous blog, my most favorite dish is called Mie Celor. unfortunatelly, i forget to take the picture of that dish because i really enjoy the taste! haha.. That dish itself consist of white noodle, bean sprouts, celery, and the soups is made from milk (or coconut milk? i'm not sure..) and has a little spicy taste. VERY DELICIOUS! :D

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