Friday, September 21, 2012

Palembang (1), Here we come!

Its time for another conference HOLIDAY!

This year HAGI or Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (Indonesian Geophysicist Association) annual meeting takes place in Palembang, South Sumatra. And for this year, our lab in campus support me and my team all of accommodation cost, yeaay!

The first thing that i thought from Palembang is the famous Ampera Bridge, and also eating pempek :D Actually, i don't know that much about sumatra's tourist attraction because i never have a chance this Andalas Island. and by the way, Andalas island is another name for sumatra, and not specifically for west sumatra because Andalas mountain spread from north to south sumatra, just for you know, hehe

Like many of my travel, i booked a flight in a really long time before my departure so that i can have a cheap flight. Cost for the ticket is around 300-400k rupiah per flight, so you need around 800k rupiah for flying jakarta-palembang-jakarta.

And the hotel, i booked in Agoda and Rajakamar, and you can find a lot of affordable hotel price.
i really suggest you, to pick 3 stars and above hotels, wherever your travel destination is. i booked Rio hotel which has 3 stars in palembang for only 325k per night, and its really worth for that price with the facilities. but for the last night i moved to the hotel where my friends are staying, which only had 1 star, and it's a no no. the differences of the prices is only 100k, which in Belvena Mangkunegara hotel cost 225k per night, but the facilities and room condition is really a mess.
Well, but its only my experience, maybe another people have difference experience hehe..

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