Friday, September 21, 2012

Palembang (4) Pempek and its derivation

Palembang = Pempek

various type of pempek

yup, if you hear the name palembang, you must be thinking about this kind of food. i don't know whether if this food is originally from here, but pempek is really famous in this city.

before i went to palembang last week, i don't know that pempek has various type. i only know that pempek is made from fish mix with flour, and then you fried it and eat it with sauce made from vinegar and brown sugar. but in here, you can eat pempek without fried with so many shapes as you can see in the picture above. the long one called lenjer, and the one that has egg inside it called kapal selam.

beside that, there still many dish that made from fish. i think, these dish made from similar dough with pempek, but the presentation is different. named tekwan, the dish which has a lighter taste of fish dough and served with soup. if you put that dough in the tofu, then the named of the dish became model. haha..

but rather than eating pempek, model and tekwan, i prefer this lenggang. lenggang actually made from sliced lenjer, fried with egg like an omelet. you eat this with the vinegar souce too. sooo tasty :9

there's so many pempek store in palembang. the most famous one is Candy, which has many branch. But my friend said that Beringin store was more delicious, but also more expensive, hehe..

if you don't eat pempek, you don't count as coming to palembang then, hehe..

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