Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Palembang (7) Kamaro Island

One of the famous tourist attraction in Palembang is Kamaro Island. This island is a small island in the middle of Musi river, and has a pagoda and also a shrine for chinese people. You can reach this island by using a boat from port in Ampera bridge, but you can also take a car to the nearest main road (near Pupuk Sriwijaya factory) but after that you still have to take a boat across the land and the island.

There's two kind of boat that they'll provide you, traditional boat and speed boat. If you took traditional boat, you'll arrive Kamaro Island after 30-40 minutes sailing from Ampera bridge. It cost 100-150k per boat for 4-6 persons. But if you took speed boat, you can reach it for only 15-20 minutes. But it cost more expensive, around 300k. Tips: Don't forget to bargain the boat price to the owner. The boat will take you to the island, and then wait for you there, after that they took you back to Ampera Bridge.

In Kamaro Island, there's nothing much to do besides took a picture in front of the shrine and the pagoda and drink the fresh coconut water. Well, in the really hot day like that, coconut water is really a refreshment! :D

Anyway, it's worth to come here, hehehe

[fotonya menyusul yaaaa.. :D]

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