Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Love ♥

Hey! It's October 7th!

Though you are far far away now and we can't celebrate your birthday together, but still, hope you have a blast birthday there with your new friends :)
So it's also been 5 years since our togetherness. Although you said that we should change our anniversary date to July 15th, but for today, I want to say to you again: 'Happy seventh!'.
I haven't prepared anything for you this year. Really, I don't know what to do today to celebrate your birthday.
If I can, I'll go to Paris right away, knock your dormitory door and bring a cake with a candle on top of the cake. But we know i can't. And i guess we still have to be patient for couple months more to see each other again in real, not in that square things like we do everyday.
Hope a thousand good things for you. Maybe a million. Or more.

Anyway, words are really not enough to explain my love for you.
But let me, just in this letter to you, say this things for you.
I love you. I do.

Happy birthday, Love.
God is always be with us. Anywhere, Anytime.

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