Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning, world :)

a morning light, a morning breeze,
sure it brings a new hope for today.
yesterday was just so tough day.
with so many tears and heartache,
so many fear and regret.
but everyday, the sun will come and shine us again and again
save us from the night's darkness.

deal with the grieve past
confuse of the future
disappoint from the family matter
and truth that it's too late to do something
different problems, different situation
lets leave all that in yesterday
and be a better, firmer today.

dedicated for my super friends,
who have a really strong heart,
who made me realize, maybe i don't have an excuse for being sad
who told me that there always a deep reason behind everything
i just wish every best thing
and remember, friends are here for always support
for listening to the story to make you feel better

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