Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Bangkok (6), Elephant!

in Thailand, you can see this animal everywhere!
in the picture, statue, or even the alive one, hehe
yup, here he comes, Elephant! :D

he is soooo big, but he is so cute :D

Elephant is the symbol of Thailand, and Thai people treat them as their friend, not just an ordinary animal.

if you went to the floating market by a tour, they usually bring you also to this elephant farm.
in here, you can try to ride an elephant, but it a little bit expensive, around 500-600 baht per person. but it you are afraid or you think it is too expensive, you still can feel the excitement with the elephant by feeding him. a bucket of banana as his food will cost 100 baht and after you feed him, he will show his gratitude by doing a thank-you-attraction :D

i want to introduce you my partner-in-crime-in-Thailand :D

no, he is not the elephant one, but the one that give banana to the elephant, hehe..
he is Aulia, my friend from the same lab in my university.
still available, entering his master degree this year.
if you are interested, tell me, ok, hahahaha
(ups, i'm ready to get kicked from my lab :p )

anyway, see you again, cutie Elephant! :D

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