Friday, January 6, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (2), Kyoto University

It's Kyoto, it's autumn! :D

This is my first time traveled to other country in autumn season.
and I'm really amazed to see that those tree leaves really have yellow color. Since i come from tropical country, Indonesia, so all i ever see is just green, green and green leaves. It is not a bad thing, though, because i like green much, but it also exciting to see another color that a trees can have, hehe

I went to Kyoto University to attend a geophysical symposium that held by SEGJ, and i live in the Kyoto University Guest Hotel. An area where i live was a quite area, because it's a school area in the northern part of Kyoto city.

Kyoto University is one of the best university in Japan and also one of the oldest one. The main hall of Kyoto University is this tower clock building, that has an European style building. In front of the tower clock building, there is a big tree that use for this university's logo.

Kyoto University is a nice place. It's big and i saw many foreign students in here. If i have a chance, i want to study in here too ^.^

you can find more about this university in:

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