Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Bangkok (8), Our Team

yes, i didn't traveled alone to Thailand :D

i want to introduce you to my friend that we went together.
from the left one, its me :D and beside me is my teacher from my department, Ms. Ningsih. in the middle, he is my senior, Eko. you already know who is beside him because i already mention him in my previous post. yup, he is my partner-in-crime, my junior, Aulia. and the last one is my junior too, Ame.

at first, our purpose to go to Thailand is to attend a symposium that held in Bangkok. but unfortunately (or fortunately ?) the symposium was canceled because of Thai's flood issue. because all of our accommodation is already settled, so it just a waste if we cancel our trip to. so we decide to went there for just holiday. yeeaay!

see you again, Thailand. :)

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