Friday, January 13, 2012

a nice father in Dago

Happiness for today is:

I saw a really nice person.

He is a father. He was standing in the intersection in Dago, Bandung, carrying a box.
In the box, there were a text saying 'Dana untuk pengobatan Iqbal'.
He is not a beggar. He wore a batik shirt and he was clean. He didn't went to every car's window to ask for money. He was just stand in there, and come to the car if the person in the car called him.

He gave us a paper.
In the paper, he explained that his son, still a little child, has to suffering for Leukimia in the past 2 years. For his transplantation operation, they need Rp. 1.300.000.000. Such a big amount, and they can't afford it. They already run out of their family's property to used for his chemotherapy. But as a father, he can't just sit and watch his son suffer.

That's why he was in Dago, at that night.

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