Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Bangkok (4), Floating Market

if you went to Thailand, don't miss this one!

it's called

Floating Market

this is a very traditional market that sells many things from fruit to cloth. what makes it unique is, they do the market process in the small boat like the picture beside you showed. the buyer and seller use a traditional-small-wood-boat and they paddle it around the market.

for the tour from Bangkok to floating market cost around 500 baht per person, and if you want to look around the market by boat, you need additional 100 baht. many tourist came to this place because this place is one of famous tourist attraction that government preserved it the same as the past days.

the people in this area often use canal as the transportation way so the house usually has a small port where they can depart by their boat. the canal is not that clean, though, many plants like algae grow up along the canal. but it's not smelly canal, so don't worry :)

Look, even a monk use his boat to go to the floating market! :D

for a shop-a-holic, (yes, i am a shop-a-holic), although there is a lot of souvenir market in here, but after i compared the price with the one in pattaya and bangkok city, here is more expensive.

so my suggestion is, just buy the one that you really like, but don't buy so many things in here.

and also, don't afraid to bargain with the seller. it's fun, and you can get a cheaper price. ^.^v

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