Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Singapore (1), a step to going back home

Yeay! it's Singapore!
Just one hour and a couple minute from Jakarta, so I stop by this city to enjoy the excitement that they offer us in this 710.2 kmsquare area.

Well, this is my third time to visit this country. In my previous two trips, I always came here with my grandma. And when I step on the Changi airport again last time, I was kinda missing you, :( But I know, you always be with me every time, and still loving me wherever you are :)

I arrived from Kyoto in the late afternoon, and only plan to stay for 2 nights in here. I've got a cheap hotel while I stayed in Bangkok and Singapore, it's all from booking it from the internet and get the great value from them.

If you want to search for the hotel, you can try to search it from: or If your destination city has a link to air asia airlines, sometimes they have their hotel link too in it. Try to visit too, in this hotel they have assured that they have professional and modern services and if you are lucky, you can get a really cheap price. One thing that you should consider beside its price and service, is the distance between the hotel and the downtown of the city. You should also see the the nearest public transportation such as a MRT station or subway station, or whether the area is safe for you or your family to stay.

For a cheap flight, I recommend you to see Well, although the service of this airlines is so standard, but for me it is enough because i can save money :D You can search your flight too in and see the comparisons between prices from many airlines. Make sure you check your departure and arrival time before you make your booking. For a connecting flight, search the flight that have a shortest waiting time but make sure the time is enough for you to change your departure gate. Another tip for make a flight reservation, try to make the schedule a long time before your trip because sometimes longer time you make the booking, you will get cheaper price. :D

So I'm nearly home, and I'm ready to discover Singapore. \(^o^)/

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