Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Singapore (3), Universal Studio!

This is the reason why I want to stay in Singapore before I went home :D

Universal Studio Singapore is located in Sentosa Island. you can reach there by using an MRT from Marina Bay station in North South Line. But you can also walk to cross the sea (well, it is not that far if you can enjoy the sea wind) and they also provide bus.

The amusement park that had opened a couple years ago in this city really attract my attention since the first time. With so many rides that provided in this park, I really enjoy every single time in here. Even a rainy day cannot hide my excitement, and I released all my energy to try most of the rides :D

Roller coaster, which I love, has so many types in here. From indoor to outdoor roller coaster, from the usual to unusual roller coaster, you can find it here!
Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of the Mummy is my favorite!

The ticket price for one day pass in non peak day is 68 singapore dollar. I recommend you to buy the ticket first in the Travel Agent in your country because if you buy it directly in the spot, you will get a long queue.

This park is divided by 7 zones, which is Hollywood, New York, sci-fi city, Ancient Egypt, Far-Far Away, Lost World and Madagascar. Each zone will give you a different feeling with different architecture that represent the zone. Like in the picture beside, that is a castle from Shrek movie, located in Far-Far Away zone. On the other hand, in Madagascar zone, they decorated it really well with a really big ship which bring the 4 main character across the sea like in the movie :D

I think it is best for you to come here not in the weekend or in the holiday season, so you wouldn't get a long queue for each rides that you want to try.

If you want to know more, you always can check their official website:

Besides the rides, there are so many character from the movie and you are allowed to take a picture with them. The most famous one is Marylin Monroe, but still, my favorite is Kungfu Panda \(^o^)/

Anyway, I really like it and I wish to come here again, soon!

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