Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Singapore (2), The famous Orchard Road

If you visit Singapore, then the most famous in the city is this Orchard Road.

This road is filled with many department store, like Takashimaya, and you can find all the branded goods here. And many of the Indonesians, who like to shopping, really like this area because sometimes the things that you cannot find in Indonesia is available here.

Since I travel near Christmas date, so Orchard road was filled with many Christmas trees decoration and fullof light in many color.You can reach here by using all kind of transport, They have a big MRT station in the underpass. For a taxi, sometimes they have a long queue especially in the night.

Well I cannot say much about this area. All I can say is: Be careful of your pocket, or you will end spend too much money by buying all the branded items here :D

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