Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pasar Batu, Jakarta

Pasar batu located in Jatinegara area, Jakarta city. Jatinegara train station is just across the market, so you will find the market really easy. Here, you can find so many accessories for woman from bracelets, necklace, rings and many more. The name of the market, which is 'batu', means 'stone', but the meaning here is so much closer to 'batu mulia' or 'gems'. Beforehand, this market only sold 'batu akik' which many old and traditional man in Indonesia wear that, but since the government rebuild the building and make nicer market so by itself it'll invite more costumer to shop in here.

Price? of course you don't have to worry. From 2k rupiah until as expensive as you expect, they all are here. But I tell you, the price in here is so much much cheaper than if you buy the same item in the mall or you buy it online by your friends. For example, the nice mask rings in the picture right only cost 20k rupiah. Another example, the bracelet in the bottom picture, my friend said that she looked the items in the mall for 40k, but do you know what? I only buy it for another 20k :D Even my mom said that her friend offers her some brooch, but the price is twice than in the market. hahaha,,

being attractive not always have to be expensive, isn't it? :)

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