Friday, April 6, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Singapore (4), a sunset in Sentosa Island

Still in the island, after spent a full day of excitement, it's time to enjoy a nature in our neighbor country :D

Beach is always be my escape place, wherever it is. It is just so peaceful to feel the wind while your feet is drabbling by the ocean water. Singapore as the 5th most busiest harbor in the world gives you a really beautiful scenery with the lamp from the ship as the background in the dark sea. It is mixed with the red-orange sunset color from the sky that gives you extraordinary feeling. Feeling of gratefulness that you can enjoy this nice landscape in abroad, but also feeling of missing the home that can be reached by crossing those sea. The feelings are amalgamated as one :)

Because the island is so small, you can have a walk around it. Along the beach, there are so many cafe with a live music. They also provide you a beach chair if you want to sit in the beach. The lighting? well, just don't expect for more :D You will never feel afraid of darkness if you go to these area, hehe

Another tourist attraction that you must see in this Sentosa Island is the 'Songs of the Sea'. It a water spray event with an illumination from the laser, collaborate with the real people and many fireworks that created a story of a small fish and others sea creature. The fish aren't real, they made it from the projection in the water splash by the lighting from the projector.

The shows play 2 times per day in the night, because they need a dark background from the sea so we can see the character of the story clearly. By the way, the shows is held in the beach and the water that they use for the show is straight from the ocean water. You cannot miss this one if you go to Singapore!

at the left picture, its the sign for the performance, 'Songs of the Sea', and in the right picture, its the amphitheatre where we sit and enjoy the show.

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