Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, because since this afternoon my work in lab was just youtube-ing about the tutorial to wear hijab or veil, so why don't I write about hijab now? :D

Hijab is muslimah responsibility, to cover the area from head to chest. In Indonesia, as the largest muslim country, there are so many women use hijab. But nowadays, there are a lot of style to wear it. I must admit that the way we wear it is so different from an arabic woman. In the middle east area, almost all women wear all black, from the hijab until the cloak. They (almost) perfectly cover their body with the loose dress, and sometimes they use purdah or veil to cover their face.

Hijabers trend (well, it is not to cornered one or two organization, but when I wear or see someone that used this style of wearing a hijab, other people will say that it is a hijabers-style) become famous day by day in Indonesia.
I'm not say that the way they wear the hijab is wrong, but to say that it is enough to be called a hijab too, i can't say that.
Maybe we, including myself, all still learn how to wear hijab in the perfect shape, but you must know, that to wear that too you need a big brave heart and strong enough to resist all the temptation. Don't judge them wrong, but correct them and give them support to be can wear hijab like Al-Quran says.

Bismillah :)

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