Friday, April 11, 2014

'What if' and 'I wish'

Aku ga akan bohong kalau aku pernah juga berpikir, 'What if..'

What if he doesn't an autistic kid?
What if he is a normal kid like any other kid?
Will our family life would be different?

Well.. It must be different. But for better or for worse, I don't know. Because it's never happened anyway.

Di lain waktu pun, pernah juga aku berpikir, 'I wish..'

I wish as time goes by, his autism get better.
I wish someday, we can have a conversation like any other siblings do.
I wish if we take a family vacation together again, we would not worry of losing you in the middle of crowd again because we trust you enough to take care of your own body and actions.

I know, we still struggle and i just wish this 'I wish' could became a reality, someday.
I hope that someday is not that far far away, Aamin.

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