Friday, April 4, 2014

He is as he is

He is a boy. 20 years old this year.
He is the second child in my family, while i am the first one and we have another youngest brother in family.
6 years differences from me and 2 years from the youngest.

We call him kakang. He call me teteh and we call our youngest ade. Yes, we are sundanese people :D

As long as i remember, I was in my first grade in my elementary school when he was born.
I was happy and also amazed since I was the only child until he was born, and as other first child when he/she expecting his/her sibling, we kind of don't know what to do. We are just a little child back then, huh? :D

And also back then, we didn't really know what Autism is. In fact, that was our first time hearing about that kind of condition. Autism is not as popular as it is now. So few information about what kind of disease it is, about how he can be born with it, about is it curable or not and how to cure it. But until now, I think those questions still don't have the answers.

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