Friday, February 17, 2012

Stand up comedy

In Indonesia, 'Stand up comedy' is known as a new style to bring humor. It allows one person to stand in front of the crowd, tell them a humor stories, sometimes they mixed it with porn, religion, or even politics so that peoples who usually talk about this matter with frowned now they can enjoy it with laughter. The person who stands in front is called 'comic'. Although it is now widely known in Indonesia just in this recent days, but Pandji in his twitter account @pandji said that:

"Sekarang di sebut Stand-Up Comedy, dulu alm Basiyo juga sudah lakukan serupa itu. Cuman aja namanya blm ketauan."

In ITB too, they hold a stand up comedy event in campus. As a beginner, they stories are quite interesting. I don't know exactly how many comic that stand in this night, because I only saw 5 of them perform.


*hmm, actually i tried to type those jokes that they told us, but when i think of it again, i don't think it will be funny to read that in this blog, so I erase all of that and substitute it with ... above, hahaha"

anyway, you can browse the stand up comedy in youtube, there are many of it.
but my favorite is stand up comedy that brought by Raditya Dika, he is so so so funny! hahaha

Happy Stand up comedy! :D

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