Thursday, February 16, 2012

Through Indonesia

This post is started by the conversation about travel between me and my bf.
I really want to visit Angkor Watt in Cambodia, but when i saw one of the korean reality show, and in that film they went to Maldives, which has a very beautiful sand, i really want to go to there too.

*yeah, i love beach. i love sea, i love swimming, i love walking in the sand with a barefoot.*

And then he ask me, 'Why we must go to another country while ours is the best? We have Wakatobi, Sangihe, Tanjung Bira, Raja Ampat, Pulau Buru, but they just don't exposed to the world yet,".

Yes, he does true.
We, as an Indonesian, are supposed to visit our country first. There is a lot of things to see in our largest island country in the world. But sometimes, because of lack of information and also transportation and accommodation, we prefer to go abroad.
But for foreign tourist, Indonesia is a heaven. With a warm air or sunny day everyday in whole year, our country is the best place to escape from their winter. Also, Indonesia is known as kindest country where everybody loves to smile to each other. It is true, isn't it? :D

In this video, you can see Indonesia from different view, it is made from foreign tourist's view, and I'm glad that with this video, they are help us to promote our beloved country.
You must watch this Through Indonesia :)

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