Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (6), The Shrine

There are so many shrine in Japan.

My friend from Japan said, for them, God can be in every creature. I've visited one shrine that has a God as a Fox, and in another shrine, the God is as Dog. He said to me that in the shrine, they usually had a statue, maybe Fox, maybe Dog, maybe be anything else, and the statue is their God, where they pray and put their hopes in that. So in different shrine, they have different shape of God.

In every shrine, they have one priest that lead them. And also there are a lot of shrine girl *I remember Rei from SailorMoon anime who has a job as women priest :D* like in the picture. I asked my friend whether they can married also or not, and he answered that in these days, the girl do that job as a part time job, not like the older time, so they can married freely.

ah, coincidentally, in the shrine when i visited it, they held a japanese wedding ceremony. it is so traditional and everyone wear a kimono, it's very cool! :D

I didn't waste my chance to do the thing like other Japanese do when they visit shrine, which is write your hope in the wood and hang it up like you see in the picture :D
And amazingly, i found one wood that written in Bahasa Indonesia, hahaha
You can buy the wood in the shrine shop for 500 yen and write in there too, they will provide you the marker.

well anyway, don't forget to visit any shrine when you are in Japan, there are so many of them that you can choose, hehe

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