Thursday, February 23, 2012

Always Leave Office on Time

My friend sent me an interesting massage,
well, it is suitable for us who really like (?) to work, hehe


Always Leave Office on Time

1. Work is never ending process. You can never finish the works.

2. Interest of a client is not more important than your FAMILY.

3. If you fall in your life, your boss or client will not be the person to offer a helping hand but your FAMILY and FRIENDS will do.

4. Life does not coming to office, going home and sleeping. There's more to a life. You need time to socialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation, don't make your life meaningless.

5. A person who sits in the office till late is not a hardworking person. He is a fool who doesn't know how to manage works within stipulated time. Beside, he is a loser in life who doesn't have personal or social life.

6. You did not study hard and struggle in the life to be a machine and live a meaningless life.

7. If your boss forces you to work late, just forward this massage. He will try to make his/her life meaningful too.

Leaving office on time: More productivity, good social life, good family relations.
Leaving office late: Less productivity, no social life, no family life.


So do you want to go home on time today from office? :D

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