Friday, February 17, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (5), Yoshinoya

in Japanese, Yoshinoya is very popular as menu set restaurant that has a cheap price. at first, Yoshinoya begins to develop near campus area, where the students always feel hungry but don't have much money for eat (this fact i know from another traveler blog, but unfortunately i forget which one, hehe).

i really enjoy this Yoshinoya restaurant near Kyoto University. well, because i am a Muslim, i am prohibited to eat pork and alcohol, so i really careful to choose which food that i'm allowed to eat in Japan. when i enter the restaurant and ask to the waiter whether they use pork or no in the menu*thank you God because the waiter can speak English too, because i've been told that not many japanese people can speak English well* he answer and explain to me with a big smile that their menu is only use beef meat, and it is save for me to eat that. Wow, i'm really grateful to him because he is so kind and friendly to us, the foreigners :D

their most famous menu is beef rice bowl. it is really delicious, 9 from 10! :D

for beef rice bowl set with miso soup and kimchi, the price is under 500 yen only (well, i forget the exact price, but it is around 300-400 yen). you can see their menu in the picture and i think you'll be drooling like me now :p my friend took a fish set and the price just have differences about 100 yen only more expensive than me, same deliciousness :D

Yoshinoya open their branch too in Indonesia, but i think it is more tastier in Japan than in here, i don't know why, haha
my father said, that in Japan, Yoshinoya is like 'warteg in Indonesia' because of their price that cheaper compared to other restaurant in there. but in Indonesia, Yoshinoya is become a luxurious restaurant that took place inside the shopping mall and people are eating in Yoshinoya not for their cheapness but for pride, because compare to restaurant in here, Yoshinoya is more expensive. But if I look the price in Yoshinoya Japan and Indonesia, still, in Indonesia is cheaper than in Japan.

so, the conclusion is?

Itadakimasu ~~~~~


Rio said...

Itu wartegnya orang Jepang?!!? Baru tau gw.

aitiiiy said...

hahaha, iya, katanya sih, saking banyak dan murahnya :p