Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (8), Kyoto Tower

Not only Tokyo that has Tokyo Tower, Kyoto has one too :)

Kyoto Tower located in the southern part of the city, just across the Kyoto Main Station. Like you see in the picture, there are a hotel under the tower, named Kyoto Tower Hotel. Quite expensive, like a heard from my traveler friend, because it is located in the center of the city. In the top of the tower, is a restaurant that have a view of Kyoto City *well, it is my friend who said this, i have no chance to eat in there because it is too expensive :p*

Beside the hotel, this area has a large shopping center, including a large electronic shop that sell many kind of things from camera to television, and many other things.
You can also find many souvenir shop and many fashion shop, but i don't recommend you to buy the souvenir here, because it is more expensive than from other area after i compared the prices. But if you looking for electronics, you can buy it here, hehe

Like i told you before, Kyoto Station is right across the tower. Kyoto Station is very big station, which has floor from Basement 2 to Lv. 11. The train arrive and departure in the basement level, while other level is for shopping center. You can find many kind of restaurant in this place, and they all are looking sooooo delicious! Many tourist or kyoto's people like to sit in the stairs like in the picture, have a talk with their friends in there or just to feel the fresh air.

If you want to go here, you just need to take a bus, because so many number of buses that have their last stop in Kyoto Station.

So don't miss this place if you go to Kyoto, hehe

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