Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nougat Ice Cream

Have you ever heard 'Braga Street' in Bandung?

Braga street is known as one of the famous old street in Bandung city. Bandung's government save most of the building in this street like its original shape. And in this street also, there is a restaurant called 'Sumber Hidangan'.

My father told me that when he was a child, my grandparents took him to go to here. And until now, the restaurant still open and run its business. So you can imagine how long the restaurant survive and serve the customer with its delicious ice cream and other menu.

In the picture, that is my favorite ice cream, Nougat Ice Cream, with crunchy peanut in top of the ice cream. They made the ice cream with low fat milk, so don't be afraid for you who has diet program, hehe..

If you eat in here, you can feel like you go to the 80's or 90's because they never change the interior design of this restaurant. And like the other restaurant in that era, they will open around 10am, and will have a lunch break from 2pm to 4pm, and they will open it again until 7pm.

For the price, it is so cheap! just 7000 rupiah and you can get one portion of the ice cream, any kind of it. :D

It's really worth to try it!

My family's favorite Ice cream!

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