Thursday, February 16, 2012


Happiness for today is:

Sometimes, we don't realize why we can read, why we can write, and maybe, why we can type this blog. We just thought that as an educated human, it is just natural and common to have this ability.

But have you ever imagined what we are now if there was no teacher that teach us how to read, how to write, how to spell some words?
from a small words like 'b-u-bu d-i-di, budi' and now we even can understand English and can do all the things that we do now.

In one book that i read now, teacher has salary that rated as one of the cheapest pay. I bet that is true. But with that rate, they are willing to teach us, to make us understand what we don't know before.

I am nothing without you, my dear teachers.
So I dedicated this post to you, my teachers, wherever you are.
Thank you for make me understand the world, to make me reach what I dream of. :)

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