Monday, February 27, 2012

The Amazing Race Asia, Kyoto (9), Udon lovers

Food review from Japan, again! :D

Japanese people also like to eat noodle. The most popular kind of noodle are Ramen and Udon.
The differences is from their texture of the noddle, which Udon has wider and softer than Ramen, and also from their soup. But since my teacher said that usually they add pork as a soup base for Ramen, I didn't try that.

They can mix the noodle with everything, beef, chicken, seafood, egg and even tempura. It is so delicious and so far as i see, every Ramen shop is full of people that want to eat and sometimes they have to queue first in order to get a seat.
From a children to an adult, they all can eat this food. Because it is winter, so Ramen and Udon is the best to eat in the cold season like this. But do you know that instead of a hot noodle, they are also a cold noodle? Well, i prefer cold noodle actually, i find it more delicious than a hot one, hehe.. Like in the picture above, the right one is hot noodle while the left one is cold noodle. Oishiiiiiii ~ ~ ~

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