Tuesday, August 28, 2012

postcard 8/28/2012


this is my third night without you here.
feel a lil bit lonely when i need to sleep alone in bed.
and moreover, no tv in this room where i can watch all the unnecessary program till my eyes closed.
and all i can do now is just trying to make myself busy all time.
work til late in the lab,
searching for some fools in the google and youtube,
write this crybaby letter on the blog,
and of course watching koreans and read comics,
all is for dodging the reality that you are far far away.
not that i can't see you trough skype. what is technology for if i can't see your face in this square box.
but still something is missing.
i miss you.
i miss you a lot.

hope that you can enjoy your time there,
this is the dream that you want to fulfill,
and please come back home soon.
maybe in few months later, or in few years later.

with a big hug and a sweet kiss,
your wife.

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